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We are bombarded daily with many distractions and always ‘going somewhere’ interms of achieving the next goal or just getting our ‘to do’ list done for the day. For some of us just getting through the day can feel like survival.

It is dopamine and endorphin that are the chemicals that help us get ‘things done’, they help us achieve but they are largely self serving.

It is serotonin and Oxycontin that strengthen the human side of us and enable us to create meaningful connections with other.

Balance is important in life and in simple terms we need all of 4 of the chemicals, we can become addicted to the effect of dopamine and endorphin to the detriment of the other two. This is particularly the case with our increasingly busy life.

The simplest way to achieve this balance is to ensure that in our daily rush to achieve the next thing we take the time to be grateful. This can take many forms and the key is to seamlessly integrate this into our daily lives for example

Be grateful………………..

  • You woke up this morning
  • For you family
  • For the fact you are a good person
  • When others are kind to you
  • And be kind to others
  • And be your best self
  • And do not lets the actions of others steer you away from how you want to show up



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